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Cruise and outdoor enthusiasts


A great way to discover the river

Do you always bring your bicycle in vacation? Do you dream about wilderness camping and sea kayaking? Have you always wanted to do a cruise in the heart of the St. Lawrence River? Do you want to treat yourself with gastronomy? Are the St. Lawrence islands catching your eye? On this itinerary, you will walk on a wooden footbridge erected on pylons, meet whales, visit a quarantine island and come back home energized by all these wonderful moments in the nature.

This thematic itinerary on the Route des Navigateurs will absolutely charm you!

This is the perfect 'setup' for those who love the outdoors ...

To go on a road trip on the Route des Navigateurs to enjoy the outdoors and the sea. This is the perfect 'set-up' for those who love the outdoors, nature and sports activities both on land and on sea. The Saint-Lawrence river, it's multiple possibilities and discoveries that amaze each time!

You will just not believe it how gorgeous it is!

Luc, on a road trip on the Route des navigateurs


Stop #1: Parc écomaritime de l'Anse du Port , Nicolet
This wooden footbridge erected on pylons cross wooded areas and swamps featuring a very diverse wildlife and leading to the the St. Lawrence River and its Lac-Saint-Pierre World Biosphere Reserve.

Other suggested places : 
Moulin Michel de Gentilly , Bécancour
Parc fluvial Les Becquets  , Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets

Stop #2:  Old-Lévis  and its Parcours des Anses
Discover the Parcours des Anses, one of the most beautiful cycling path in America ! Along the Saint-Lawrence River, the Parcours des Anses is a 15 km entirely paved path perfect to run, walk, roller-skate or ride your bike. This unique cycling path offers a panoramic view of the fortifications of Quebec City, the Frontenac castle, Île d'Orléans and the Montmorency Falls.

Other suggested places :
Ferry Québec-Lévis
Sailing excursions with Formation Nautique Québec
Water Fountains at Paquet Wharf
​​​​​​​O'Ravito Café
​​​​​​​Le Corsaire Pub ​​​​​​​


Stop #3:Cruise and visite of Grosse-Île
Come aboard the Croisières Lachance and discover the evocative landscapes, inspiring nature and touching stories. Relive the life of an island dweller, employee or immigrant when you tour the village, either on foot or aboard the tourist trolley. Experience the passage of immigrants in quarantine by taking the Irish trail or paying your respects at the Memorial. End the day by following the Mirador trail to admire the Isle-aux-Grues archipelago and witness its unsuspected natural wealth.

Stop #4:Le The Old-Montmagny  and Pointe-aux-Oies trail
Montmagny is the snow goose capital and international meeting place for accordion enthousiasts. It blends beautiful landscapes, peaceful open areas and the small pleasures of urban life. Explore the parks and bike paths along the banks of the St. Lawrence and its tributaries. Take your time in the cafés and boutiques of the European-style borough of Old Montmagny. Discover its rich history from the last 370 years through architecture, culture and museums.

Other suggested places :
Ferry Isle-aux-Grues-Montmagny
La Maison Rousseau , Montmagny
Marché public du Centre-Ville de Montmagny
Boutique du Charcutier , Montmagny


Stop #5: Société d'écologie de la batture du Kamouraska (SEBKA)
Discover the diversity of birdlife and tidal vegetation. Trails, lookouts, Route Bleue maritime trail, Route Verte bike path. Bienvenue Cyclistes! certification. Guided sea-kayak outings around the Kamouraska island archipelago. Climbing classes offered in an extraordinary setting on the cliffs of Saint-André.

Other suggested places:
Kamouraska Zodiac Aventure , Kamouraska

Stop #6: Société Duvetnor (Île-aux-Lièvres)
Duvetnor offers a variety of activities in and around the bird sanctuaries on the Îles du Pot à l'Eau-de-Vie archipelago and the Île aux Lièvres. Stay at the lighthouse, one of the cottages, the Auberge du Lièvre or the primitive compground. Daily guided cruises (landing on the islands optional), seabird watching, tours of historical sites, hiking on the 45-kilometre trail network with interpretive panels, and food services (Île aux Lièvres).


Stop #7: Quai de Rivière-du-Loup (Marina)
Observe sunsets and sea mammals. On the wharf, a long walk will provide you with a beautiful view of the landscape. Do a sailboat excursion, visit the St. Lawrence Islands with Société Duvetnor or observe the whales with Croisières AML. Embark on the ferry Rivière-du-Loup/Saint-Siméon where more than 185 000 passengers transit annually. You will find close by: restaurants, accomodations, children's playgrounds and touristic attractions.

Other suggested places
Croisière AML , Rivière-du-Loup
​​​​​​​Restaurant Au Boucaneux , Rivière-du-Loup

Stop #8: Trois-Pistoles : Sa marina, son quai et ses différentes excursions
​​​​​​​The town of Trois-Pistoles is a great place to stop during your vacation. Various types of accommodations and restaurants provide travellers with an abundance of choice, and there is no shortage of fun things to do: sea kayak excursions, outings on the Île aux Basques, visits to artisan's studios and art galleries, tours of heritage buildings including the remarkable church, shopping for local products, and much more. Nature lovers can head out on the National Hiking Trail or the Route Verte bike path. The dock is the perfect place to watch sunsets.

Other suggested places:
Coop Kayak de Mer des Îles , Trois-Pistoles
Excursion à l'Île aux Basques , Marina de Trois-Pistoles
Fromagerie des Basques , Trois-Pistoles


Stop #9: Parc National du Bic
The park is renowned for its dramatic headlands, bays, coves, islands and mountains, where thousands of seabirds nest, rare plants bloom and seals bask on the rocks. Summer : 25 kilometres of hiking trails, 15 kilometres of bike paths, sea kayaking, bike rentals and guided hikes. Winter: snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and hiking.

Other suggested places :
Auberge du Mange Grenouille , Rimouski (district Le Bic)
Restaurant Chez St-Pierre , Rimouski (district Le Bic)

Stop #10: Rimouski
Rimouski is the oceanographic capital of Québec. Don't hesitate to take Rue Sainte-Cécile-du-Bic to enter the centre of Le Bic. Shops, galleries and much more await. Downtown Rimouski opens onto the St. Lawrence and Île Saint-Barnabé, whose magnificent land- and seascapes dominate the panorama.

Other suggested places :
Aventures Archipel , Rimouski (district Le Bic)
Excursions Île Saint-Barnabé , Marina de Rimouski
Bella Desgagnés - Relais Nordik , Rimouski

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Saint-Michel-de-Bellechasse- Village
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Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly -Road Trip
Saint-Michel-de-Bellechasse- Village
Marina de Berthier-sur-Mer
Isle-aux-Grues - Arbre - Paysage
Saint-Jean-Port-Joli - Parc des 3 bérets
Saint-Roch-des-Aulnaies - Parc du Havre du Quai