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Do you always want to learn new things? Are you passionate about the history of lords, sailors and all of our ancestors? Do you dream about having a picnic in an antique garden and visit a boat converted into a museum? Do you have memories to tell us? On this itinerary, you will travel to the bottom of the St. Lawrence River, become friends with eels, visit a submarine and come back home with lots of new stories to share.

This thematic itinerary on the Route des navigateurs will absolutely charm you !

An unforgettable road trip and the opportunity to discover our history

The Route des Navigateurs is an unforgettable road trip and the opportunity to discover our history. Of course, there is the Saint-Lawrence river in all its grandeur and beauty. But, it is also the perfect excuse to learn the history around it and the attractions all along the Route des Navigateurs. You will discover at the beginning of your itinerary the Lake St-Pierre Biosphere World Reserve and at the end the Pointe-au-Père Maritime Historic Site. And in between, many attractions that are just as interesting and rewarding as the others. A Must-do!


Jean-François, on a road trip on the Route des Navigateurs


Stop #1: Centre d'interprétation de Baie-du-Febvre , Baie-du-Febvre
Learn more about this important staging area for the Greater Snow Geese and its rare and beautiful flood plains in the heart of the Lake St. Pierre Biosphere Reserve. Natural observation areas will bring you in a unique but fragile universe.

Other suggested places: 
Halte Josaphat-Duhaime (site naturel) , Nicolet
Restaurant « A Réfectoire » Hôtel Montfort , Nicolet
Galerie-Boutique Manu Factum , Nicolet

Stop #2: Centre de la biodiversité
This interpretation center of the St. Lawrence River's biodiversity is about a myriad of species. Whether by going to the exhibits: "The Prehistory Giants Come Back", the multimedia immersive experience "Journey to the bottom of the Saint-Laurent" or an outdoor visit of the urban fauna, come and gain new knowledge in a pleasant way.

Other suggested place:
Auberge Godefroy , Bécancour


Stop #3: Domaine Joly de Lotbinière
Renown to be one of the most beautiful garden in North America, you will discover more than 2 300 varieties of plants, including over 300 new plants distributed in 11 gardens. All kinds of activities await you: walks in the gardens and the forest, bird watching, photography, exhibits at the beautiful Pointe Platon House and a stroll on the Rivershore.

Stop #4:  Old-Lévis and its Chantier A.C. Davie
It's the most beautiful panoramic view of Québec. It's also a great place to have a coffee or an ice cream on Bégin street. It's the cycle and pedestrian path :  Parcours des Anses  and to learn more in the museums and interpretation center of thelieu historique national du Chantier A.C. Davie  will make you dive into the history of one of the most famous Québec's shipyards. On one of the most beautiful day of summer, we get together at Quai Paquet to enjoy the fountains and Food truck.

Other suggested place:
Corsaire Pub​​​​​​​


Stop #5:Musée Maritime du Québec
You must step aboard their two historical boats. Afterwards, enter the museum to visit the exhibitions and the impressive boathouse. Don't forget to stop in front of the imposing collection of boat models. In the summer, participate in the family activities on Saturday and the coffee talks on Sunday. For a perfect plan, have a picnic near the river and let yourself be tempted by the Quebecois creations of Le Cabestan boutique.

Other suggested place:
Salicorne Café , L'Islet-sur-Mer

Stop #6: Musée de la mévoire vivante
A museum dedicated to people. Hear about the lifestyles and events from the past by people who lived them. The permanent exhibition: "Dinner Memories" and the temporary exhibitions will please you. The museum is located in the heart of a park, which encompasses patrimony, outdoor activities, garden, and none the least: an access to the St. Lawrence River.

Stop #7: Seigneurie des Aulnaies
La Seigneurie des Aulnaies is a unique combination preserved in time. It has a victorian manor built according to Baillargé's plans, a flour mill still operating and a country estate. With historical characters from this time period, visit the manor with its lavish interiors and the village mill with the largest bucket wheel in operation in Québec.

Other suggested place:
Café du Bon Dieu , Saint-Roch-des-Aulnaies


Stop #8:  Musée régional de Kamouraska
Discover life at the time of the Lords of Kamouraska, seaside resorts, passing schooners, eel fishing and carpentry-joinery will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Stop #9: Circuit touristique de l’île Verte
Discover the rich heritage and daily life of the islanders of Île Verte. Visit Ecole Michaud; observe an impressive osteological collection at the Musée du Squelette; live the story of the first lighthouse on the St. Lawrence that you can climb.


Stop #10: Site historique maritime de la Pointe-au-Père
Empress of Ireland Museum  : live the history of this steamship and its terrible sinking in 1914 which remains the greatest maritime tragedy in Canadian history. Over 200 objects, photos, videos, archival documents and written testimonies will make you relive this tragic event. Onondaga submarine : do the self-guided audio tour and discover what life was like for the 70 men aboard. Pointe-au-Père lighthouse : climb up the 128 steps of one of the highest lighthouses in Canada.


Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly -Road Trip
Route des Navigateurs - Centre du Québec - rochers - couple
Domaine Joly-De Lotbinière - Jardins
Chantier A.C. Davie - Exposition
La Seigneurie des Aulnaies
Anguilles - Bas-Saint-Laurent
phare de Pointe-au-Père - Bas-saint-Laurent
Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly -Road Trip
Route des Navigateurs - Centre du Québec - rochers - couple
Domaine Joly-De Lotbinière - Jardins
Chantier A.C. Davie - Exposition
La Seigneurie des Aulnaies
Anguilles - Bas-Saint-Laurent
phare de Pointe-au-Père - Bas-saint-Laurent