Parc écomaritime de l'anse du port


Centre-du-Québec- Parc écologique

The Parc écomaritime de l’Anse du Port is a marvellous site for observing natural phenomena. Contemplate its changing landscapes that change season-to- season, over the years, and according to the whims of the ice. A wooden boardwalk on stilts meanders through woods and marshes, the home of a rich  array of wildlife to the banks of the St. Lawrence  River and to the Lac-Saint-Pierre Biosphere Reserve. The 12-metre lookout tower at the end of the trail provides a breathtaking view of the river !

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Quai de Sainte-Angèle


Quai de Sainte-Angèle - Centre-du-Québec

Located in the middle of the St. Lawrence River, Sainte-Angèle’s wharf presents a diverse, exciting, and engaging program. Over the summer, the wharf becomes a stage, and the setting for many major shows and a variety of daily activities. A 50-metre wooden lookout tower onsite is the perfect place to gaze at the beautiful setting. The wharf is also a departure point for the river ferry which travels to and from Trois-Rivières

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Le Domaine Joly-de Lotbinière


Domaine Joly-De Lotbinière - Jardins

Recognized as one of the most beautiful gardens in North America—impressive, don’t you think?—the Domaine features more than 2 400 palnt varieties in its 11 gardens. And that’s not all! Enjoy strolling through the gardens and in the old forest, bird-watching, taking photographs, admiring the exhibitions in the beautiful Maison de Pointe Platon, and walking along the St. Lawrence River. Hungry? Savour some of the local products served at the terrace-café or have a picnic in the shade of majestic century-old trees.

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Le Vieux Lévis et son chantier A.C. DAVIE


Quai Paquet- début de soirée

Offering the most beautiful panoramic view in Québec, this site is also ideal for enjoying a coffee or an ice cream on Bégin Street. The Parcours des Anses bike path is perfect for cycling, and the many museums and interpretation centres are very informative. Of particular note is the A.C. Davie Shipyard national  historic site that will immerse you into the heart of the history of one of Québec’s most famous shipyards. On beautiful summer days, the Quai Paquet is a great meeting spot where fountains and food truck fare will delight your senses. 


Croisière et Visites de la Grosse-Île


Grosse-Île - Croisières Lachance - Montmagny et les îles

Board one of the Croisières Lachance ferries and view incredible landscapes, awe-inspiring nature, and captivating stories. Picture the life of the immigrants as you take a walking tour or train ride through the village. Imagine the quarantine experience of immigrants along the trail of the Irish and take a moment to reflect at the memorial. Finish your day by strolling along the Mirador trail to view the Isleaux-Grues archipelago and gaze upon unparalleled natural beauty

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Musée maritime du Québec


Musée Maritime du Québec - Islet - Côte-du-Sud - Bateau

When you arrive, boarding the two historic boats is a must, before entering the museum to tour the exhibitions and the amazing boathouse. Don’t forget to stop and look at the extensive collection of ship models. In the summer, take part in family activities on Saturdays or discussions over coffee on Sundays. What could be more perfect than having a picnic near the river and indulging yourself at the Le Cabestan gift shop featuring its Québec-made creations? 

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Marina de Saint-Jean-Port-Joli - Quai

In Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, the end of the dock and Parc des Trois Bérets are perfect locations to enjoy the beauty of sunsets. Many festive events are held here. There are ample opportunities to have unforgettable encounters with local artists and artisans, savour the region’s flavours in welcoming restaurants, and take the time to inhale the air along the St. Lawrence. The creativity of Saint-Jean-Port-Joli’s residents focuses one’s attention on the here and now.

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Village de Kamouraska

village de Kamouraska - Bas-Saint-Laurent

A picturesque, very tourist-oriented municipality, known for its outstanding built heritage, not-to-bemissed sunsets, and the quality of its locally raised produce. Explore its various attractions: the beach along the St. Lawrence, cycling and hiking trails, restaurants, accommodations, arts and crafts,  art galleries, museums, fish shops, small farms, interpretation sites, etc.

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Quai de Rivière-du-Loup (marina)

Gaze upon the sunsets as well as the marine mammals. Enjoy a long walk on the wharf to contemplate the scenery. Go on a sailboat trip, visit the islands of the St. Lawrence River with the Société Duvetnor or go whale watching withCroisières AML . Board  the Traverse Rivière-du-Loup/Saint-Siméon ferry , on which more than 185 000 passengers travel  every year. Nearby: Restaurant and accommodation services, games for children, and tourist attractions.

Parc national du Bic

Rimouski (district Le Bic)

Bic - Bas-Saint-Laurent

This 33-km2 park features bays, capes, coves, islands, and mountains. It supports many nesting bird species, as well as land and sea animals. It is also home to a wide array of plants, including many rare species.  Activities: Hiking, cycling, kayaking, wildlife observation, theatre, activities for children, minibus tours, evening activities, etc.  Accommodations: Camp sites, ready-to-camp  Huttopia tents, yurts, and cabins.

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Site historique maritime de la Pointe-au-Père


Site historique maritime de la pointe-au-Père - Rimouski - Bas-Saint-Laurent

Empress of Ireland Museum : Discover the story of this passenger ship, including its sinking in 1914, which remains Canada’s greatest tragedy at sea. You will be fascinated by the more than 200 artifacts, videos, personal accounts, and multisensory shows. Onondaga submarine : Enjoy an audio-guided tour  and learn about the daily lives of the 70 submariners. The Pointe-au-Père Lighthouse : Climb up the 128 steps of one of the highest lighthouses in Canada. Various themes and exhibitions about the lighthouse’s history are highlighted.

Promenade de l'Anse-aux-Coques


Anse-aux-coques - Ste-Luce-sur-mer - Bas-St-Laurent

The Promenade de l’Anse-aux-Coques walkway runs along the beach and is a great place to relax and  enjoy the sea breeze. It features a service cabin,  a lit walkway, benches, picnic tables, and more  than 20 wood sculptures inspired by the sea.

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