Go-Van Travels the Route des Navigateurs

Follow Julien and Karolina from Go-Van on their van journey along the Route des Navigateurs. Be wowed by the same amazing landscapes, rich culture and delicious food they discovered along the St. Lawrence River. For a memorable trip, follow Route 132 from Centre-du-Québec to Bas-Saint-Laurent through Chaudière-Appalaches!

I was so glad to be back on Route 132!

I was so glad to be back on Route 132! It's the perfect starter road trip for whoever's new to the van scene. To me, the Route des Navigateurs is an endless parade of wonderful surprises and new encounters. I can't imagine a better way to discover some of Quebec's most beautiful regions.

Julien, Go-Van


One possible starting point of the Route des Navigateurs is the  Parc écomaritime de l'Anse-du-Port in Nicolet.
Overlooking a woodlot and wetlands where numerous animal species dwell, this elevated boardwalk ends in a tall tower with an unbelievable view of the majestic St. Lawrence River and the Lac-Saint-Pierre World Biosphere Reserve. Nature surrounds you on all sides, and you really feel it!

Then, head to Distillerie du quai in Bécancour to meet Jeff, a gin enthusiast for whom a good drink is synonymous with music and celebration. He listens to his favorite playlist on loop as he distills his gins.

If you're in the mood for a snack before you leave the area, head over to the nearby boutique and restaurant La Maison de Bibi. Else, try out the delicious fried cheese curds of Roulotte à Patates in Gentilly.

Not too far off, the Moulin Michel de Gentilly is eager to show off its authentic appeal, its shop, its crepe restaurant and more!

Close out the day with a bite to eat in a blueberry field overlooking the river at Bleuets & cie in Saint-Pierre-les-Béquets.


Begin the next day at Domaine Joly-De Lotbinière, an exceptional natural site featuring gardens, hiking trails in the forest, and premium access to the river.

Then, head to Berthier-sur-Mer for a cruise to Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial or to Isle-aux-Grues and its archipelago. There's no better way to discover the St. Lawrence and the history of the islands' inhabitants!

Once you're back on the mainland, enjoy a memorable evening at THÉO BBQ, a food truck and beer garden bar in the middle of a riverside park.


Your next stop is L'Islet, the hometown of sailors, for a stay at the Musée maritime du Québec. The museum vessels, exhibits and rowboat workshop are perfect for a continued immersion in the naval theme.

Further up the road, Saint-Jean-Port-Joli is best enjoyed at the leisurely pace of its workshops, galleries, museums and parks, which are a testimony to the ongoing importance of crafts and sculpture to the local community. Check out Le Vivoir, where you can purchase the creations of over 60 Québécois craftspeople, some of whom can be seen at work in their glass-lined workshops on the ground floor.

The next village over is Saint-Roch-des-Aulnaies, where you can purchase homemade organic flour at Seigneurie des Aulnaies.

End the day on the shoreline of Camping de la Demi-Lieue. Witness a spectacular display as the sun sets behind the mountains across the river.


Another village you can't afford to miss along the way is Kamouraska. Shops, restaurants, a fishery, exceptional architecture and sublime sceneryit's everything you've ever dreamed of!

In Rivière-du-Loup, Société Duvetnor will help you discover the very soul of Quebec: the St. Lawrence River. Available packages include a tour of the islands, hikes, observation of the local fauna and flora, and even a night in a lighthouse.

Another imperative stop on the route is parc national du Bic. Rent a bicycle for a ride through the park, set out on the water in a sea kayak, or follow one of the many available hiking trails for scenic views exclusive to this unique preserve.

Day 5

At Site historique maritime de la Pointe-au-Père, climb aboard the  Onondagathe first submarine to host the public in Canadato learn all about the daily lives of the 70 sailors who crewed this 90-metre steel colossus. While you're there, check out the second tallest lighthouse in Canada, and visit a museum dedicated to the sinking of theEmpress of Ireland.

Your trip ends in style on the 2.5-kilometer beach of Sainte-Luce-sur-Mer. Enjoy loads of services and activities in the friendly and welcoming atmosphere that emanates from the quaint houses and colourful sunset.