Voyager en solo

Voyager seul, ça peut paraître effrayant, qu’on voyage localement ou à l’international. Ayant des horaires très différents de ceux de mon conjoint, j’ai décidé l’an dernier de tenter ma chance, de fa…

Marie-Hélène Beaupré September 1, 2022
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Active Nature
Let's go, the sea is beautiful!
The river is so wide and majestic at the height of the Bas-Saint-Laurent that it we call it the sea! After all, the water is salty, there are real tides – and sometimes even powerful surges! – and th…
Tourisme Bas-Saint-Laurent
Tourisme Bas-Saint-Laurent Tourisme Bas-Saint-Laurent July 22, 2022
Active Nature
Active stay in Centre-du-Québec
It is well known that the Route des Navigateurs is a tourist route that is best travelled at a more relaxed pace. We take this route to enjoy good times in good company, to discover the flavors of th…
Marie-Hélène Beaupré Tourisme Centre-du-Québec July 14, 2022
Curious Nature
Catherine, our extra, tells us about her weekend in Isle-aux-Grues with her husband
L’Isle-aux-Grues, trésor caché dans le ventre du Saint-Laurent, si près de nous, mais si dépaysant à la fois. C’est sous l’aile de l’équipe de Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches que nous avons, mon mari e…
Catherine Kotiuga
Catherine Kotiuga May 10, 2022
Domaine Joly-De Lotbinière, one of Marianne's favourite !
My trip to Domaine Joly-De Lotbinière reminded me of many memories of my childhood there. Indeed, this place of Chaudière-Appalaches is my favorite because it is a peaceful and beautiful place.
Marianne Savoie
Marianne Savoie May 10, 2022
Active Nature
Chants marins, terrasses & camping : une fin de semaine de rêve à l’Islet
Lorsque vient le temps de planifier nos excursions estivales, mon copain et moi on doit faire des compromis : on veut tous les deux voir de beaux paysages, je veux bien manger, mon copain veut faire …
Élisa Leblond-Fortin
Élisa Leblond-Fortin MRC des Etchemins May 5, 2022
Curious Nature
Le long week-end estival de Nanc' en Chaudière-Appalaches!
Comme j’avais hâte de (re)découvrir la région de Chaudière-Appalaches en période estivale!
Nanc' .
Nanc' . August 11, 2021
Curious Nature
Sail on the Route des Navigateurs
The river is magical. Not only by its great beauty, but also by the energy it gives off and transmits. The health effects of salt air have long been known. This is the Route des Navigateurs : a stret…
Tourisme Bas-Saint-Laurent
Tourisme Bas-Saint-Laurent Tourisme Bas-Saint-Laurent May 21, 2021
Curious Nature
Travel, at home!
I'm a dreamer. I don't hide it, my daydreaming is what often pushes me to step out of my comfort zone, try new things and discover the world around me. However, the current situation has caused me to…
Marie-Hélène Beaupré Tourisme Centre-du-Québec May 13, 2021
Foody Nature
Baby's first road trip on the Navigators' Route
The first official outing we do with baby is always a memorable one. Even more when you give birth confined and the first meetings are done through a window. But that's another story. For now, I want…
Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches May 5, 2021
Curious Nature
The 5 must-sees in Bécancour
Pampered by the resort of the plains of the St. Lawrence and endowed with a rich culture and heritage, Bécancour is a city in the Centre-du-Québec to be discovered. Crossed by the Route des Navigateu…
Marie-Hélène Beaupré Tourisme Centre-du-Québec August 18, 2020
Foody Nature
Gourmet trip to Kamouraska
Kamouraska is a territory recognized both for its local products and its taste pleasures. Did you know that it is also the cradle of the first agricultural school in Canada, founded in 1859, in La Po…
Manon Weber Promotion Kamouraska August 12, 2020
Foody Nature
Gourmet trip to Bécancour
On the road, what could be more pleasant than stopping here and there in gourmet places where there are lots of good things to discover? Whether it is to taste on the spot or to take home, here are s…
Marie-Hélène Beaupré Tourisme Centre-du-Québec August 7, 2020
Curious Nature
The most beautiful panoramas of the road - Centre-du-Québec
The route des navigateurs is a must in Quebec. Who has not already been there to change the scenery a bit, walk along the river or watch a magnificent sunset? Although we all know this maritime-flavo…
Marie-Hélène Beaupré Tourisme Centre-du-Québec July 23, 2020
Bic - Bas-Saint-Laurent
The most beautiful panoramas of the road - Bas St-Laurent
The Route des Navigateurs in the Bas St-Laurent! As we continue our journey, we are speechless in front of all the beauty of the landscapes that the St. Lawrence and its islands offer us so generousl…
Tourisme Bas-Saint-Laurent
Tourisme Bas-Saint-Laurent Tourisme Bas-Saint-Laurent July 23, 2020
Curious Nature
Landscape on the road - Chaudière-Appalaches
The Route des Navigateurs! I no longer count the number of times I have driven it. Whenever the weather allows it, it is the one I drive for my trips from west to east, from east to west, whatever. W…
Stéphanie Allard
Stéphanie Allard Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches April 15, 2020
Foody Nature
gourmet trip - Saint-Jean-Port-Joli and the surroundings
3 days on the road to eat, drink, taste, smell and especially to meet totally and to #liveforreal. Enjoy your meal!
Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches September 16, 2019
Curious Nature
Podcast- A drive like no other with Lina and André
The sunsets over the Charlevoix mountains are a colorful sight from the L'Islet wharf. It is because we were invited by Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches to follow the route proposed by the podcast "Rale…
Lina Giguère
Lina Giguère September 10, 2019
The Sainte-Angèle quay for a lively summer outing!
During the summer season, the Sainte-Angèle quay is very lively. Obviously, the breathtaking view of the river that this mythical place in Bécancour offers has something to do with it, but that is no…
Marie-Hélène Beaupré Tourisme Centre-du-Québec July 23, 2019
Pointe-au-Père - Musée site historique maritime
Marc Larouche's experience on the route des Navigateurs in Bas-Saint-Laurent
Live the extraordinary experiences of Marc Larcouche on La Route des Navigateurs from La Pocatière to Pointe-au-Père. He tells us that he met welcoming people and all the diversity of activities poss…
Marc Larouche September 26, 2018