One of Cassandre's favourites : le Musée maritime du Québec

Passionate about the maritime world or simply curious? The Musée maritime du Québec is definitively a place to stop by.

Cassandre Lambert May 10, 2018
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Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly -Road Trip
Lina and André's road trip on the Route des Navigateurs (day 2)
The folllow-up of Lina and André's adventures on the Route des Navigateurs.
Lina Giguère
Lina Giguère July 2, 2018
Route des Navigateurs- Road trip
Lina and André's road trip on the Route des Navigateurs (day 1)
Tuesday, September 12th, André and I are watching the sunset on the fields in front of our house. The evening promises to be quiet. Curious to go on Facebook, I see that a friend shared with me a lin…
Lina Giguère
Lina Giguère July 1, 2018
Croisières Lachance - Berthier-sur-Mer
The cruise to l'Isle-aux-Grues is one of Mathieu's favourites !
Do you know Croisières Lachance? Member of the AML group, this small family business from Berthier-sur-Mer is known among others for its cruises on Grosse-Île.
Mathieu Hallé
Mathieu Hallé May 10, 2018
Centre-du-Québec- Tomaterie LR
A tomato story
I propose a trip back in time. A time when the work of the land was done with horses and farm implements.
Marie-Ève Ouellet Tourisme Centre-du-Québec November 15, 2017
La Maison de bibi
A girls' outing at La Maison de Bibi
Every Saturday, upon reservation, it is possible to take a seat in the "soap making" section of La Maison de Bibi.
Isabelle Hallé Tourisme Centre-du-Québec May 17, 2017
Going back to prehistoric times
An outing to the new exhibition "The Return of the Giants of Prehistory" at the Centre de la Biodiversité du Québec in Bécancour.
Caroline Baril Tourisme Centre-du-Québec May 16, 2017
Un brin d'Acadie au Centre-du-Québec
Un peu partout dans les environs, on commémore l’héritage acadien et on exprime la fierté de ses origines. On le voit très bien à chaque coin et à chaque nom de rues. Ici et là, les maisons sont paré…
Caroline Béliveau Tourisme Centre-du-Québec July 20, 2016